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Channel Master Antennas

Since 1949 Channel Master has developed top tier over-the-air reception products including, TV antennas, amplifiers, coaxial cable, connectors, antenna rotators, splitters, mounting hardware, antenna mast units, set top boxes and more.

We strive to bring the best product to the market in which we act as a one stop shop for your digital TV and HDTV reception needs.

Channel Master has produced many reception products over the years including radio reception antennas, television reception antennas, the Goliath Esq yagi antenna, satellite dishes, indoor tv antennas, omnidirectional antennas and a plethora of outdoor TV antennas to fit every antenna reception market.

Antennas are referred to with many different names, including roof top antenna, HD antenna, TV antenna, aerial antenna, HDTV antenna, digital antenna, hi def antenna, digital TV antenna, ota antenna (over-the-air antenna), HD television antenna, digital HDTV antenna and what-have-you, regardless of what you call it, it will pick up digital TV and HDTV reception (high definition television) which is offered over the air for free and Channel Master is here to help you receive the best reception possible.

In addition to manufacturing the stuff you need to pick up digital and HDTV reception we also manufacture set top boxes, including the CM-7000 digital to analog converter box which has helped many persons conquer the digital transition and our CM-7000PAL DVR HD digital recorder which stores your digital and HDTV programs to its internal hard drive. Of course, this DVR is 100% antenna compatible and carries no subscription fees, now you can watch digital HDTV television and manipulate it with your DVR without paying a cent in monthly fees.

Save some cash, get the clearest digital and HD television programming, install a Channel Master.

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